Coming soon The School of Narrative Dance, Miami
within the framework of "Tide By Side"
curated by Claire Tancons


Marinella Senatore: "There is more than way to be a partisan"

public performance

Per4m 2016

curated by If I Can’t Dance, I Don’t Want To Be Part Of Your Revolution

within the framework of Artissima art fair, Turin


within the framework of De Rerum Rurale curated by Matteo Lucchetti

16a Quadriennale d’Arte, Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome

with the participation of:

The School of Narrative Dance of Rome (special guest)
Giuseppe Valenti and Ensamble form G.Verga Liceo of Modica, Sicily
Accademia Gli Armonici Martina by Elvira Mazza, Modica, Sicily
Lorenzo Vanini and Collectif Sibi
Martina Vanini and Psuké
Pasquale Innarella and RusticaXBand
Clizia Aloisi
Mount Green People Gospel Choir
Elisabetta Romoli Venturi and Rock’n Roller
gymnasts of Giulia Rosolin and Rita Gagliardi

Ph. Rossella Biscotti


Modica Street Musical, The Present, the Past and the Possible
August 6th
performance curated by Matteo Lucchetti

August 6th | October 13rd 2016
produced by Laveronica
curated by Matteo Lucchetti


Artists' Film Club
Institute of Contemporary Arts

July 20th
6:45 pm | Cinema 1
12 Carlton House Terrace, London, W1Y 5AH

moderated by Steven Cairns

This screening features new and recent work by artists Lucy Beech and Marinella Senatore. Profiling both practices, the screening is followed by a discussion with the artists exploring the variances and similarities in approaches to their work. Working with the body, performance is a central reference point to both artists and is explored to different effect on and off screen.


Les parfums de l'intranquilité
July 9th | September 25th

Hôtel des Arts, Toulon

curated by Véronique Collard Bovy


June 27 | July 14

As part of the Biennial Parckdesign 2016 “The School” will take place from June 27th to July 13th at the Contemporary Art Centre WIELS and will develop for the opening of Jardin Essentiel on July 14th a performative action in the public space of Parc Duden.


Par Tibi, Roma, Nihil (Nulla è come te Roma!)
curated by Raffaella Frascarelli
June 24 | September 18 2016
Colle Palatino, Rome (IT)
Works from NOMAS Foundation Collection


Park Forest, Bruxelles

Marinella Senatore will organise a workshop on June 12th from 14.00-18.00 in Parc Duden to show how the Bruxelles School will be set up. You will find an info-point with all the information on how to participate in the "School”.

“The School of Narrative Dance” is a nomadic, free of charge school. Founded in 2013 by Marinella Senatore, it proposes an alternative system of education via a multidisciplinary scheme. While focusing on storytelling it provides a wide range of “experiences” and lessons. As part of the Biennial Parckdesign 2016 “The School” will take place from June 27 to July 13 at the Contemporary Art Centre WIELS and will develop for the opening of Jardin Essentiel on July 14 a performative action in the public space of Parc Duden.

For more information or to send us your proposal either for the SuperVliegSuperMouche workshop or for the "School" (27/6-13/7), please contact Melissa Destino at


Marinella Senatore: The School of Narrative Dance and Other Surprising Things

May 21–September 17, 2016

12 Vaughan Street
Llandudno LL30 1AB
United Kingdom

MOSTYN, Wales UK proudly presents the first solo exhibition in a British institution by Marinella Senatore. The exhibition will present a selection of the artist's work from 2009 to today, in a renewed form of installation which will enable visitor participation and active engagement.
A special focus will be dedicated to The School of Narrative Dance, an ongoing, touring project founded by the artist in 2013 which has received wide acclaim from the public in over ten countries around the world.
For the first time it will also present, in its original idea, RE:VERB—a multi-layered work consisting of seven videos intended for television broadcast, made with the people of Llandudno during the artist's residency in North Wales in 2015. This work was commissioned by CALL, and made possible by the collaborative initiative and financial support of the Arts Council Wales Ideas:People:Places grant and Mostyn Estates Ltd.
The exhibition is accompanied by an Open Call for contributions to ESTMAN RADIO, an ongoing "self-service" online radio station which takes up residence in MOSTYN.

In addition, Marinella Senatore's video piece The School of Narrative Dance will be showing concurrently on a media wall in Milan's Corso Como 15 from May 20 until 31, as part of a joint partnership between MOSTYN and Poincaré Investment Ltd. The partnership also sees the presentation of a new video work by ciriaca + erre from May 1 until 19.
The exhibition, curated by Alfredo Cramerotti (Director, MOSTYN) and related public programme is supported by CALL and Poincaré Investments Ltd.


final performance for L’école de Marinella Senatore

Saturday 26 March 2016
at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, Paris


L’école de Marinella Senatore has been at Les Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers for a three-month period. The school is open to everybody and is free of charge, regardless of age or previous experiences, and offers the opportunity to come and share knowledge and learn, and to take part in creating an Operette with a public showing scheduled for Saturday 26 March 2016.

more information


Opening: January 29, 2016 6 – 9 pm
Exhibition: January 29 - March 2, 2016

The Big Other
organized by Paula Doepfner

with works by Marinella Senatore, Ulf Aminde, Kerstin Brätsch, Mariechen Danz, Annabel Daou, Antje Engelmann, Thomas Helbig, Šejla Kameric, Kapwani Kiwanga, Michael Müller and Anna Witt.



Italian artist Marinella Senatore is implementing as part of her residency at Les Laboratoires a new inclusive project involving communities and seeking their active and meaningful involvement. In Aubervilliers, the project will start with a series of free of charge workshops, among other about "drama", “cinematic language”, “writing" and reading, "oral history".


November 16, 2015
curated by Visible (Matteo Lucchetti and Judith Wielander)

Creative Time Summit: The Curriculum NYC kicked off with an opening event, Visible on the High Line: Making Collaborations, co-presented with High Line Art.
Marinella Senatore teamed up with a diverse selection of New York-based participants and created a new version of her ongoing project The School of Narrative Dance. With the special participation of: Living Theatre, IMMABB (Bora Kim, Karin Kuroda and Samantha Shao) and EXP, Martha Graham School, Aaron Burr Society, The Imani Singers of Brooklyn.


August 11, 2015
curated by Visible (Matteo Lucchetti and Judith Wielander)

Marinella Senatore teamed up with local volunteers and choreographers from the Espz collective to create a new iteration of her ongoing, nomadic project The School of Narrative Dance. Since 2013, this project has gathered thousands of people in more than seven countries to participate in parades, happenings, and presentations. The work uses dance as a common language through which to celebrate the vernacular, amateur, and professionally trained gestures of the participants. The entire Summit audience was invited to join The School of Narrative Dance at 7.30 pm beginning at Via G. Garibaldi at the cross of Riva dei Sette Martire and continued to the Serra dei Giardini at the end of Day 1.


September 19, 2015
Llandudno (Wales, UK)
commissioned by Arts Council of Wales, Call (Culture Action Llandudno) CIC and Mostyn Estate

The large-scale project Re:Verb – made in Llandudno (Wales, UK) – needed hundreds of non-professional people: performers, musicians, singers, costume makers, dancers, gymnasts, film-makers, lighting and audio technicians, storytellers. Participants tried to find ways of expressing these stories in non-verbal communication, in order to create 7 “Llandudno tales“ for TV broadcasting (90 sec. each) with the support of local and national press.


March - December 2015
commissioned by Statens Konstråd / Public Art Agency Sweden

The artist connected with people living in Stockholm (Husby), and in Malmö (Rosengård). The invitation was open to anyone who wanted to tell a story and participate in a creative process where each short film script was written collectively. The result is 7 processed scripts, filmed in both cities in autumn 2015.