Nui Simu (That’s us)
Single channel HD video on Blu-Ray Disc, stereo, color, 15‘:00‘‘

Conceived by thirty illitterate retired miners from the Sicilian town of Enna in collaboration with students from the University of Catania, the project was an open workshop for one month, where participants took on the roles of non-professional actors, costume designers, camera operators, set designers, etc. The local community was involved in different ways: residents shared their skills and expertise (i.e., bakers offered free catering for the entire crew, taxi drivers provided transportations for free, local hairdressers prepared actors for the shooting every day), negotiating with the artist the role they would have played in the project.

Produced by Riso Museum, Palermo (IT), showed at 54th Biennial of Venice, ILLUMINATIONS.

Inst.view at Furla Award, Bologna
: Inst.view at Furla Award, Bologna